lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Skin & Hair~

Hey babes!!

Today i'm really worried, i think i lost my USB! T^T and i have important things there, really IMPORTANT ONES my bigest fear i lost it in my school, i used it a lot there, to do some homeworks even was very personal... i hope is lost here in my home and not with someone of the school...

Ahhh and yesterday was my friend's bday :) i bought her a cake~ was so sweet and i don't really like chocolate but ... was ok i think...

H-BDAY Sarahí♥
 Ahhh in other things, i need something to my skin, a mascara or something cuz is really really ugly, and one of my purpose of the new year was take care of my skin, but wich one!?
And i had a looooong time without my pierce in my tongue, it hurts but i did it again~ just for sometime...

I'm kind of worried about my hair and my university, i think teachers are not... agree with my bicolor hair... but i'll keep it like this till April... if i can :( ...talking about my hair... i think i need a treatment to it too, to make it softer and cute and ahhh :D, we will see~
Kyo Babe ( --)/♥

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