miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012


Has been a hard week :( my circle lenses don't arrive... and i had some problems with who i love </3
plus i have a looot of homework and expositions and ahhhh u,u

Well, some pics of the banquet of last friday on my school :) there was a ceremony too, the cake was SOOOO YUMMY!!!

And my dad bought me a lamp~~

ANDDDD CHAN CHAN!!! i bought my iphone~~ (3gs u,u)

Tomorrow i will go with my bff to buy a cute case for it, i hope find a good one, i've looking for it but i just found ugly ones e,e but i downloaded cute apps to make purikuras and TuzkiSnapPro!! If you don't know it... I LOVE TUZKI!!
 and okai okaaai i will post if i found a cute one! :D

See ya netx time xoxo babes!

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012


Well well... here is the purikura i said last post♥

We took more but this is clearest than the others
This saturday i went to eat chinese food with old friends, i didn't took good pics so u,u but was so yummy! :D but i came home early to do my homework :(
Ahhhh these days are so cold, but no snow ;A; close to my Dalila's friend place are a looot of snow! I hope we can go this week and enjoy it!

Look at this lazy !! XD my lovely cat "Pollo" ( ´ ` )

and i found this pic that i made to my bff time ago~

she looooooves BEN10!! so i found this on the market and took this pic for her♥ i think i look good hmmm (˘˘)

I'm thinking about buy an iphone~ but i love use my LG Lollipop

Soooooooooooo cute isn't it? ... but... i can use both... but why 2 cellphones?! I need find a good reason maybe... I can have a VIP phone... u see? Just my VIP friends and love and fam and class mates can find me in the normal number...???? XD I loooove my lolli but i really want my iphone :/

Ohhhhh and i want my circle lenses now!!! I hope get them soon~~ I'm dying for use them  ()
Have a good week!! And do your best!
Kyo Babe ♥

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012


Ahhhhh was a nice day even it's monday e,e
i went with my friends to eat pizza and take purikuras♥ but are so little, i hope my bff can upload then in HQ XD but i took this with my lolli♥

with my BFF♥

Mitsuu!! where are you?! ><

me with our bitch! XD  Have a nice trip! I'll miss ya babe *3* i love ya!!

My BFF cutting the purikuras!

I hope can show you later that purikuras!! It's so cool XDD

And i hope get my Circle Lenses soooooon!! I really need them e,e and i'm still looking for something to make my skin soft and cool XD ohhh and i see something to someone who i love 1313 *secret* but ok ok, tomorrow i have school, i need study a lot!! N i miss my ♥N♥ nu nuu~~

Was a nice day even more cuz we made a video talking weird cuz that shit helium! XDDDD

See ya ( --)/♥
KB  *3*

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

Shorts 1313

Hey babes!!!
I need to talk about something sad... about the schools in Mexico, about how much i need people understand that study is VERY VERY important and we need make the kids love the school and go happy to study... not go to play, because their teacher is absent... I hope my friends of here watch this http://depanzazo.mx/ I DO WANT A BETTER EDUCATION

Ahhh... i went with my class mates to see this documental... it makes me really sad, but I want to help, to go ahead, and make the difference :)

And i got a tshirt!♥ but Mexico needs read more u,u!
But that day i had a looooot of fun with my friends XD and a Chinese boy 1313 xD i died of laughing hahahaha was so cool, eating pizza stalking a chinese boy and eating like there's no tomorrow!
My friends XD

with Brenda~ too much light XDDD and pffffffffffff i really NEED my circle lenses e,e

Then today i went with my BFF shopping but she didn't like the new season e,e ok ok me neither, well a bit... XD i bought a sexy short pants~ a weird shirt and my leggings~

and Zay♥ gave me this!

Ahhhh and i miss a lot my N♥ and i'm really tired~~ but happy cuz my bff made me laugh a lot when she is agressive XDDDDDDDDDD

With love~ Kyo Babe ( --)/♥ que dará todos sus granitos de arena para apoyar la educación en México~