sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

Shorts 1313

Hey babes!!!
I need to talk about something sad... about the schools in Mexico, about how much i need people understand that study is VERY VERY important and we need make the kids love the school and go happy to study... not go to play, because their teacher is absent... I hope my friends of here watch this http://depanzazo.mx/ I DO WANT A BETTER EDUCATION

Ahhh... i went with my class mates to see this documental... it makes me really sad, but I want to help, to go ahead, and make the difference :)

And i got a tshirt!♥ but Mexico needs read more u,u!
But that day i had a looooot of fun with my friends XD and a Chinese boy 1313 xD i died of laughing hahahaha was so cool, eating pizza stalking a chinese boy and eating like there's no tomorrow!
My friends XD

with Brenda~ too much light XDDD and pffffffffffff i really NEED my circle lenses e,e

Then today i went with my BFF shopping but she didn't like the new season e,e ok ok me neither, well a bit... XD i bought a sexy short pants~ a weird shirt and my leggings~

and Zay♥ gave me this!

Ahhhh and i miss a lot my N♥ and i'm really tired~~ but happy cuz my bff made me laugh a lot when she is agressive XDDDDDDDDDD

With love~ Kyo Babe ( --)/♥ que dará todos sus granitos de arena para apoyar la educación en México~

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Nana dijo...

Wow! Nice gets!

abegail abundo dijo...

I like the shorts. So pretty.
Now following you.