domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

GANTZ || Kind of mad~

YES YES!! I went to watch GANTZ Live Action with my BFF♥ At the Cinepolis VIP♥ Ahhhhh feels so good be there~ like a Queen♥ Haha!! okai some pics~

With my new CL! What do you think?!

Me with my love Ayano Go♥

My BFF with her love Hongo Kanata♥
Was sooooo fun watch this movie on the cinema! XDDD Everybody went to see Matsuyama and the other guy XD but we were there to see AG and HK ♥ And we had free cola and popcorn!!!! Was really cool~

Okai, and now why i am mad, well, not mad at all, but sad maybe yes, sometimes, girls can be really mean, bit in this Gyaru circle, is WORSE i had a little problem with Nino some time ago, i even can't call it  problem, i think we talk to clear "that problem" but she, and her friends and a lot of Latin Gyaru (and maybe me XD) are being bullied, is not fair, is not a competition and NOBODY IS PERFECT, i think the girls who are posting horrible thing on a famous page about "secrets" is just about ENVY and not for help, and tell you in a good way what is good for you... is sad, being Latin, girls and act like this than be friends and help eachother and have fun...

Everyone has their way to be, maybe some are bitch since they were on their mom's belly, other are nice and friendly but get hurt even being like this, and i think the main thing here is not bully other girls, i respect every kind of girl, because i'm a girl! Every body can be a bitch, I've learned a lot with this experience in my life trying to be Gyaru, Is not easy be a girl, you care about everything about you, your weight, your clothes, your hair, your make up and blah blah, you feel beautiful being like you want to be, and then a anonymous came to say that you are fat an ugly bitch and that you deserve to die and even you say you don't care, it hurts you, and you care, because  IS YOU!
And good girls, fight for be who want to be, in every way, school, social life, and look like they want, everyone of us has 100000000000000 of defects,who make us one to say what is right and what is wrong?
If someone doesn't like you, you don't "own" that person to make it change, or hurt or treat like you want.
This is just what i think right now, I did wrong someday too, maybe i keep doing it and it's bad, everyone has their personality, and i have to respect it, and they have to respect me too.
Maybe not friends, not enemies, but persons who respect.

With love to every LAG

Kyo Babe

3 comentarios:

●♥● Miccah ●♥● dijo...

CUAAAAAAAAAL GANTZ? es enserio??? en el cine? OH
POR DIOS! no me mientas! xD

NaTT dijo...

UAAAA!! Que chulada! Gantz!!
Aqui no esta en el cine! T_T
No se si aun no llego (o esque nunca llegaraXD!)
Pero lo tendre en mi "lista de peliculas para ver"!!
Besos muapa!

Ariana dijo...

ouu! yeah! gantz rulz *-*luckyy girl!
kiss and hug cutie!