sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012


Finally i got my Circle Lenses!!! I bought this pair!
Geo Xtra Bella Brown

And well, i bought 2 pairs because 1 is to my BFF :) Is a gift of her bday♥

My friend got them, because here were I live sometimes never comes what you order, or you get your stuff already opened XD so~ i think i'm going to wait till next weeked to use it, we are going to see a really good movie with my boyfriend ♥Ayano Go♥

Ahhhhhhh it's been hard and lazy days at the same time, school is hard, in so many ways, everything is fine with my grades, but socially, I just don't belong there :/ I try to take it easy, and be ok with everybody.
I miss my old friends u,u

And again my lazy cat sleeping over me! XD

Ahhhhhh soon is monday, i hate monday :( plus i have to do a special homework, just me!! just because i said something i didn't tave to say loud XD it's easy, but is more homework :(

Have a nice week babes *3*

Kyo Babe

4 comentarios:

NaTT dijo...

Those circle lenses are so cute! And really natural =0 Perfect for daily use! I like it1 n.n

http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ dijo...

i love circle lense! it make my eyes lokk bigger!!! ^_^

●♥● Miccah ●♥● dijo...

ya quiero verte con ellos puestos! :D millones de besotes!

Nana dijo...

Wow, the circle lenses look so nice. Your friend is lucky to get thoese!