miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012


Has been a hard week :( my circle lenses don't arrive... and i had some problems with who i love </3
plus i have a looot of homework and expositions and ahhhh u,u

Well, some pics of the banquet of last friday on my school :) there was a ceremony too, the cake was SOOOO YUMMY!!!

And my dad bought me a lamp~~

ANDDDD CHAN CHAN!!! i bought my iphone~~ (3gs u,u)

Tomorrow i will go with my bff to buy a cute case for it, i hope find a good one, i've looking for it but i just found ugly ones e,e but i downloaded cute apps to make purikuras and TuzkiSnapPro!! If you don't know it... I LOVE TUZKI!!
 and okai okaaai i will post if i found a cute one! :D

See ya netx time xoxo babes!

3 comentarios:

Nana dijo...

I hope your luck changes for the better! Nice new phone!

NaTT dijo...

Autch! I hope that you really will be best at the future...good luck for you! <3
And the cakes pics are soooo yummyyy~>.< Oishiiii

●♥● Miccah ●♥● dijo...

que envidia! yo tambien quiero un iphone D: