domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012


Well well... here is the purikura i said last post♥

We took more but this is clearest than the others
This saturday i went to eat chinese food with old friends, i didn't took good pics so u,u but was so yummy! :D but i came home early to do my homework :(
Ahhhh these days are so cold, but no snow ;A; close to my Dalila's friend place are a looot of snow! I hope we can go this week and enjoy it!

Look at this lazy !! XD my lovely cat "Pollo" ( ´ ` )

and i found this pic that i made to my bff time ago~

she looooooves BEN10!! so i found this on the market and took this pic for her♥ i think i look good hmmm (˘˘)

I'm thinking about buy an iphone~ but i love use my LG Lollipop

Soooooooooooo cute isn't it? ... but... i can use both... but why 2 cellphones?! I need find a good reason maybe... I can have a VIP phone... u see? Just my VIP friends and love and fam and class mates can find me in the normal number...???? XD I loooove my lolli but i really want my iphone :/

Ohhhhh and i want my circle lenses now!!! I hope get them soon~~ I'm dying for use them  ()
Have a good week!! And do your best!
Kyo Babe ♥

8 comentarios:

Nana dijo...

Purikura is cute ^ ^ Haha that phone looks so adorable as well!

●♥● Miccah ●♥● dijo...

hahahahaha que cutie!!!! porque nunca te veo por lag???

NaTT dijo...

Jajajaja, que monadaaa tu gatitoo, y la postura es para acariciarlo todo el ratitoo *^*
Monismo el movil! a mi tambien me dio ultimamente la locura del movil y su decoracion (yo tengo una blackberry >o<) dijo...

hello! my name is Kelly! and i love ur gyaru fashion!!!!! awesome!! hope u will drop by and being my friends 2! i have being your followers! ^_^v

Mikirin~☆ dijo...

Hablas español, verdad? No sé de donde eres pero veo que comentan también en español! :P
No sabía nada sobre ese LG, pero es PRECIOSO!!!! Todo el mundo tiene iPhone, así que yo ya no quiero xD

Kyo Tuzki dijo...

OOHHHH SÍ Soy de México :)
El LG es hermoso!♥ Todo, me encanta usarlo pero realmente quiero el iphone~ Ya veremos!! :D

Midori Kaiide dijo...

such a cute page! ^_^ I love your HAIR! SO KWEEL! ^_^

RYO dijo...

Kyo~~ te compro tu LG lollipop ...que dices? :D!